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Just tried The 16pointbeard Texas Buck Scent oil and have to say I'm well impressed..Beard feels great and no need for any balm yet

Barry Corcoran

Alrighty ya'll, so I have done a review of 16 Points "Rustic Texan" used for 6 days strait and only used it. I've been competing in Competitive beard for just over 3 years now. So I have tried a barrel load of different products in that time. My thoughts on this product are as follows: (This is for the oil as I have not tried any other products) Oils stays and absorbs very well. Pleasing scent. Conditions well and the scent lingers. Washed off hand easily with soap and water (this is a huge plus and every top quality oil will wash away easily) Stands up to sun and heat very well. Over all: great product and will be on my top 5 list of oils. Great job ladies and gents. I wish you great success on your fine product.

Edward Rose

After a week of using purely '16 Point Beard' oil - I must say I'm pretty impressed. Didn't feel at all greasy at any time and the scents are very different. Keep up the good work ladies

Adam Frearson

"I can say that it has helped a bit. It won't kill the migraines but it helps with relaxation and the drugs I take seem to work better. I like it. And every time I start getting one I use some oil and take my meds. I love the stuff."   (Referring to Texas Marksman Migraine Oil)

Brian Monahan

I'm enjoying the scents! They threw me for a loop, in a good way, because the fragrance definitely reminded me of the South. Which is drastically different from other oils I have gotten. If I didn't know you guys were based in Texas, I would've guessed you guys were from Texas off of the fragrances

Ian Hahn

Hi Gretchen,
I received my package today and I couldn't be happier I put some oil on as soon as I opened it it is a very relaxing scent and the bonus rollons was a great surprise. I just want to personally say thank you you guy's are truly the best!!! Thank you again

Paul Henning Peshtigo, Wisconsin

A big shout out and thank you to 16 point beard products for the special order of the tx marksmen migraine balm and stache wax and beard oil and the bonus of the two migraine rollon's. The best customer service and a truly caring company if you need anything please contact them they will do anything to help you out. I can't say thank you enough!!!

Paul Henning